India, China to develop first solar energy project

  • August 19, 2021

New Delhi, March 25 (ANI): India and China are set to inaugurate the first solar power project in India’s northeastern region of Assam, a major economic and political power for both countries.

The project, to be built on land owned by the Assam government, will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the state’s central headquarters on Monday.

Modi, who visited the region last week, will also inaugurate a solar energy plant in the region to further diversify the electricity supply.

India, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar have signed a cooperation agreement to set up the solar energy sector in Assam.

It will be a first for India, which has only a few solar power projects in the country.

India’s solar projects have been the subject of protests in recent years due to the state government’s failure to meet its obligations to build a grid and pay the state electricity bill.

China has also been keen on establishing solar power plants in Assams, as well as other regions, including Myanmar.

The two countries have signed an agreement to build solar energy projects in Assamese-controlled land in the northern Indian state of Assamesel in 2020, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The two have also agreed to work together to develop solar energy infrastructure in Myanmar.

How to know if you need to buy an electric vehicle

  • July 25, 2021

Axios article The question of when to buy electric vehicles is getting more and more important.

We’ve all been told that it’s best to start buying electric vehicles in the spring, but new data has shown that a good rule of thumb is to buy them by July 1.

The latest data from the Electric Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) reveals that the average time to purchase an electric car is around two years, while the average cost of an electric lease is about $1,200.

And for the most part, electric vehicles are cheap, too.

The average electric car cost in December 2017 was $35,918, while it cost $28,819 in December 2018, according to EVIC.

There are some caveats to the EVIC data, however.

For one, the EVAC data is only a snapshot of the market, so it’s not necessarily representative of the full market.

And it doesn’t include vehicles that were sold to third-party dealers, which can be a good source of information.

But EVIC’s data is worth a look anyway, because it shows that electric vehicles have become a viable option in the marketplace.

It also shows that consumers have become more aware of the risks of using an electric automobile, which could potentially influence their decision.

The new EVIC report also shows a sharp uptick in electric vehicle purchases since the beginning of the year, which shows that there is still a great deal of demand for electric vehicles.

That demand is also likely to continue.

The EVIC survey also showed that more than 60 percent of electric vehicle owners have been in the market longer than they did last year.

So for now, the demand is there for electric cars, and the price is low.

But how do you know when to get one?

There are a couple of ways to look at this.

You can buy an EV for a specific price.

For example, you could buy an Tesla for $35.00 a month, and that’s just the monthly cost of the car.

Or, you can buy the same car for $34,995, and you’ll have an extra $2,400.

That’s the option that is currently being sold in the United States.

This is called leasing.

If you are leasing a car, the leasing program will take care of most of the initial cost, including the finance and title fees, and a 30 percent financing fee.

But the lease will only be paid on the date of the sale, which is typically the first day of the month.

The lease will also include a safety package, including a $1 million car insurance policy, which will cover all of your insurance.

But you can also lease a car for a fixed term.

You may decide to lease the car for 12 months or 24 months, but you will have to pay a deposit of $1.5 million into your bank account on each month you are in the lease.

That deposit will help to pay the upfront costs and interest, but will also keep the car running until the end of the lease term.

The most important thing to consider when leasing a vehicle is how long you plan to keep the lease running.

You should also look at the terms of the deal.

For instance, some leasing programs offer longer terms, so you can get more out of the agreement than just the upfront payment.

The best way to know how much you are getting out of your lease is to take advantage of a financing option called a variable rate.

This will vary depending on your credit score, but the variable rate is usually around 30 percent.

Variable rate financing is good for cars with a price tag under $30,000, and it is usually available to people with a credit score of at least 620.

In addition, some car companies offer a fixed rate option, which typically means that you get a monthly payment of $0 down.

That can also be good if you don’t plan on ever having a car again.

You also need to consider the quality of the EV.

If it’s a good car, you may want to look for an EV that offers a variety of features.

This can be the case if you are looking for a long-range EV that can be driven daily, or you can look for a car that can compete with more expensive luxury models.

In this case, you want to consider whether the car is built to withstand the elements, and whether the battery pack is designed to last a long time.

Another thing to look out for is the warranty.

Some automakers offer extended warranties that cover the cost of replacement parts or parts that are replaced, or a partial replacement.

This type of warranty typically comes with a 10-year warranty, and these warranties are usually available at a lower cost than a full warranty.

There is also the option to buy a fully covered warranty.

This covers the costs of the repair, replacement parts, and other parts.

But if you decide to purchase a fully protected warranty, you will be covered

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