Which states are most vulnerable to CO2 emissions?

  • August 4, 2021

Posted by Times of Indian Express on Sunday, August 31, 2018 07:23:21 The National Institute of Water Resources (NIDWR) in the eastern Indian state of Gujarat has published an assessment of the extent of CO2 leakage across the country and has forecast that by 2020, the total number of power stations in the country will rise by 12.7%.

The report has projected that by 2030, the average annual electricity demand will rise 6.3% in the state.

While this is the second assessment to be issued by the NIDWR since the report was first issued in 2016, this is one of the first to include a prediction of CO 2 emissions.NIDAWR Director, Rajendra Kumar told The Times that, while the NILES-3 report does not include CO2, it is an important document that will help in the planning and planning of policy and regulatory initiatives.

“The new assessment will provide an important roadmap in the near future,” Kumar said.

According to the NIPR-4, released on December 2, 2020, power generation capacity is expected to decline by 5.3 percent in the next five years due to ageing plants and increased reliance on renewable energy sources.

This will be offset by growth in the use of coal, petroleum and gas in power generation.

In a separate report, the NIMHS has projected the CO 2 emission of power plants will increase by 14.3%.

The total CO 2 emitted by power plants in India is estimated at 1.1 billion tonnes in 2020, which is expected by 2030 to be around 8.7 billion tonnes.

The latest assessment comes after the NICAP, the National Institute for All India Meteorological Research, had earlier predicted a 6% increase in CO 2 in 2020 and a 6.5% increase by 2030 in the emissions of the country.

The NIDAWRI report, however, says that even with this increase, the projected increase in electricity consumption is around 1.4% a year.

In the same period, the number of coal-fired power plants is expected decrease by 13.5%, the number that are natural gas-fired plants is estimated to decline 15.2% and the number using coal is expected fall by 5%.

The report further states that the country is facing a major energy crisis due to the shortage of coal and hydroelectric power.

“With the rapid growth of electricity demand, there is an urgent need to take steps to reduce CO2 emission,” the NIDS report says.

The new NIDEWR report is being released in the backdrop of the Supreme Court order in the Gujarat high court in the case of the Pune-based coal miner Suresh Mahapatra against the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) for allegedly causing the Panchkula power plant to lose power.

Mahaparat, who is currently in a hospital, has been protesting his treatment at the Central Power Corporation of India (CPCI) facility in Panchki.

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