How to make your phone energy efficient TechCrunch

  • August 10, 2021

TechCrunch is reporting that LG has confirmed that its phones will now use 100% of the energy they produce as their internal battery.

The company confirmed the change in a post on its blog, saying that its devices will now produce “less than half the energy” that they used before.

The announcement comes after LG announced a new feature called Energy Saver mode that will help the company to “reduce battery life by 20% to 30% when it’s not in use.”

LG’s announcement comes just a day after the company announced that its Nexus 5X would come with an upgrade to the LG Energy Sustainability Technology that it will now have “the lowest power consumption in the industry.”

According to the company, the LG Power Saver Mode feature will reduce battery life to just 3% to 5% compared to the previous version of the product, while also “improving the energy efficiency of the smartphone.”

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