Minnesota energy provider Minnesotans get a $1.3 million boost to meet climate goals

  • July 11, 2021

The Minnesota Energy Information Administration (MEIA) announced Wednesday that the Minnesota Power Administration (MPAA) will receive $1,200,000 from the state to cover the cost of building a new transmission line connecting to the Northeast Minnesota Power Authority (NMPAA).MN Power said the grant will allow it to pay for the installation of two new lines on the east side of the state, to improve existing transmission lines and increase the speed of transmission by about 10 megawatts per year.

The NMPAA also is seeking $2.1 million in additional funding for the project.

The NMPTA and the MPAA will share the cost in two separate grants totaling $1 million, but MPAA is the largest provider of electricity to Minnesota.

The two projects are expected to cost between $1 billion and $1bn.

The new transmission lines will be used to provide power to the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis area as well as the towns of Minnetonka and Bloomington.

The lines are expected cost between roughly $500 million and $750 million.

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